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Gitorious 3.0 Beta 1

It’s been quite a journey, but we pulled through, and we are excited to finally present you with the first beta of Gitorious 3.0! Take it for a spin We set up a trial instance on You should especially check out the new repository pages. This instance is free for all, so please register […]

Gitorious on Rails 3 – Take it for a spin

The Rails 3 upgrade is for the most part done, and we have “all systems go”. I’m back to working on Dolt (the upcoming repository browser for Gitorious) and the general UI upgrades. In the meantime, we need help testing the upgraded Gitorious and make sure everything really works. If you’re interested in helping out, […]

Rails 3 progress

Quick update: Gitorious is now running Rails 3.2.8 and all tests are passing. There are still a few minor “TODO”‘s left to tackle, but we’ll be upgrading our internal dogfooding server on Monday. When it’s running smoothly, we’ll get back to the UI upgrade. We’re a bit behind schedule as I forgot to account for […]

Rails 3 upgrade

After a week of working on the Rails 3 upgrade, this is the current status: 3358 tests, 4712 assertions, 5 failures, 0 errors. That’s pretty close, and may I say, pretty exciting to us. Once the last 5 test failures have been fixed, there are still some aspects of the application that needs to be […]

UI upgrade and Rails 3

A while ago we announced some UI upgrades we are working on, and people have been asking when these changes will land in master. The short answer is that it will be a little while still. Read on for the longer answer. If you’ve been following along, I’m sure you have seen our new repository […]

Update on the Gitorious UI refurbish

TL;DR: You can use Dolt now (scroll to the bottom of this post), and we’ll start integrating it in Gitorious mainline next week. Some of you are anxiously awaiting the UI upgrades we announced in August, so I thought I’d provide a quick update. As previously announced, I’m currently working on a new code browser, […]

Browsing local repositories with Dolt

As part of rebuilding parts of the Gitorious UI, we’re building the new code browser as a standalone tool. This means all sorts of cool things. It makes the Gitorious project easier to maintain and develop, as it will be modularized and those modules will help us avoid too tight couplings. It also means that […]

Sexy-looking repositories

We have some exciting news to share with you. Two weeks ago we started a project we’ve wanted to do for some time: Upgrading the Gitorious UI. The goal is to simplify interaction, tone down some less useful features, improve code-browsing, and lose some technical debt on the front-end side of our code base. In […]

Private repositories

After December’s request for donations, I’m happy to announce that the first version of Gitorious private repositories is now available for testing. What is it? With the new private repositories feature, you can allow users of your Gitorious installation to control who gets access to their projects and repositories. Create private projects where you invite […]

Private repositories

For a long time, people have asked that Gitorious support a fine-grained permissions system where repositories can be made private and access granted only to select users/groups. We have decided to develop this feature for Gitorious, and we need your help. Some of you may know of the infamous merge request #115. This partially solves […]


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