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Gitorious v2.4.10 has been released

  As a refreshing change from the security-related versions of Gitorious over the last weeks, we’re glad to announce that version 2.4.10 of Gitorious was just released. This release contains fixes several bugs in Gitorious, among these: Fix broken pushes with sync messaging adapter Fix layout for global system message Fix mass-assignment related bugs Include […]

Gitorious went down this morning

Our frontend web server went down at 6:24CET this morning, we will be updating this post as we bring the server back up. Here’s what we know right now: At 6:24 CET a Kernel oops occured. The alarms at our hosting provider went off, and the server was booted.  Since the file system keeping the […]

Improved and updated the Gitorious CE Installer (v2.4.9)

We’ve closed a number of recent security issues related to Ruby and Rails (which Gitorious depends on). The Community Edition Installer has lagged behind a bit but is, as of today, upgraded to install the latest version of Gitorious (v2.4.9). The update also includes our current recommended default settings plus some improvements to the installer itself. Short story: […]

Gitorious v2.4.8 is released

Three new vulnerabilities have been fixed for Ruby on Rails, on which Gitorious is built. Read the original announcements for further details. All users running their own Gitorious servers should upgrade immediately. The steps for upgrading are, as usual: git fetch origin git merge v2.4.8 git submodule update bundle install touch tmp/restart.txt (assuming you’re using […]

Gitorious v2.4.7 was just released

This morning we discovered a vulnerability in Gitorious which made us write this advisory on our mailing list and release version 2.4.7 of Gitorious. All users running their own Gitorious servers should upgrade immediately. The steps for upgrading are, as usual: git fetch origin git merge v2.4.7 git submodule update bundle install touch tmp/restart.txt (assuming […]

Gitorious 2.4.5 has been released

Gitorious 2.4.5 has just been released, and all Gitorious servers should be updated immediately. This release brings Gitorious up to Rails version 2.3.15, which solves a severe vulnerability in Ruby on Rails. There’s more information about this vulnerability on the Ruby on Rails security mailing list. To upgrade to this version, follow one of the […]

Gitorious 3.0 lands in the next branch

After a few months of hard work, we just merged the Rails 3 feature branch into the next branch in the Gitorious mainline repository. The major new feature in this branch is that Gitorious now uses Rails 3. This required quite a few changes to Gitorious, which was bound to introduce some non-backwards-compatible changes. We […]

Gitorious 2.4.4 was just released

Since switching to the git-flow model for management of the branches in Gitorious mainline, new features don’t appear in master except in the form of new versions. This means that a few new versions have been released (and deployed to which haven’t been annouced here. We just pushed version 2.4.4 of Gitorious, the fourth patch […]

How we deploy

We’ve just written an article on our documentation site describing the configuration of our new servers.  You will find details about how we do deployment, our web server setup and how we manage processes. Have a look if you’re into that kind of thing, and post a comment here if there are other things you’d like […]

Gitorious 2.4.1 was just released

Thanks to Steffen Forkmann the first patch release after 2.4.0 came really quickly this time. There was a bug in the 2.4.0 code preventing push from functioning properly. We just pushed 2.4.1 and updated the master and next branches with this fix. You should upgrade your server as soon as possible.


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