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Rails 3 upgrade

After a week of working on the Rails 3 upgrade, this is the current status: 3358 tests, 4712 assertions, 5 failures, 0 errors. That’s pretty close, and may I say, pretty exciting to us. Once the last 5 test failures have been fixed, there are still some aspects of the application that needs to be […]

Gitorious moves Gem management to Bundler

In two weeks, on March 4th, we will merge a branch into Gitorious master that requires your attention if you’re running Gitorious locally and intend to keep it up to date. This is also a notice to all of you who have installation guides out there (thanks a lot!) to update them once the change […]

Versioning Gitorious

As a service to users with Gitorious installed on their own server(s), we’ll be giving Gitorious a version number. We’re aiming at cutting releases on a semi-regular schedule (like once a month). Hopefully, this will make it easier to know if and how to upgrade your instance. We will provide a changelog that summarizes new […]


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