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Gitorious 3.0 lands in the next branch

After a few months of hard work, we just merged the Rails 3 feature branch into the next branch in the Gitorious mainline repository. The major new feature in this branch is that Gitorious now uses Rails 3. This required quite a few changes to Gitorious, which was bound to introduce some non-backwards-compatible changes. We […]

Gitorious 2.4.4 was just released

Since switching to the git-flow model for management of the branches in Gitorious mainline, new features don’t appear in master except in the form of new versions. This means that a few new versions have been released (and deployed to which haven’t been annouced here. We just pushed version 2.4.4 of Gitorious, the fourth patch […]

How we deploy

We’ve just written an article on our documentation site describing the configuration of our new servers.  You will find details about how we do deployment, our web server setup and how we manage processes. Have a look if you’re into that kind of thing, and post a comment here if there are other things you’d like […]

Gitorious 2.4.1 was just released

Thanks to Steffen Forkmann the first patch release after 2.4.0 came really quickly this time. There was a bug in the 2.4.0 code preventing push from functioning properly. We just pushed 2.4.1 and updated the master and next branches with this fix. You should upgrade your server as soon as possible.

Gitorious 2.4.0 was just released

Update: Version 2.4.1 was just released; the upgrade instructions have been updated to use this version instead. We just pushed version 2.4.0 of Gitorious. This will be the last minor release of Gitorious before version 3, which brings Rails 3 to Gitorious. The highlights of this release are: Rails has been unvendored from Gitorious, and […]

Server migration the coming Tuesday

The servers powering have been running for more than 3 years, and it’s time to move to new servers. The migration will start Tuesday November 27th at 10.00CET, and we expect to be done before noon. All services will be unavailable while we’re doing the migration. We’re making some changes in how Gitorious […]

Quick reboot of the servers Tuesday at 11AM CET [completed]

We’ll need to do a quick reboot of our servers to update their kernels tomorrow at 11AM CET. We expect it to take no more than 5 minutes, and will keep this post updated as we proceed. Updates: 11:05: We’re taking down the first server 11:06: The servers are down 11:12: The servers are back […]

LDAP authorization lands in Gitorious mainline

Gitorious started with a developer scratching his own itch. The first commit was done more than five years ago, and every commit since then has been about developers implementing features we need in a software tool we use all the time. Gitorious is different from most other Git frontends and collaboration tools out there by […]

Maintenance window Thursday at 13:00 CET [DONE]

We’ll need to take down the servers for ~15 minutes the coming Thursday (October 25th) starting at 1PM CET to do another shot at migrating from our old SAN infrastructure. We’re sorry about the unforeseen troubles during our last two attempts at the same, but we should be better prepared this time. We’ll update this […]

Short maintenance Monday October 15th at 12 CET [complete]

We need to restart our servers the coming Monday starting 12:00 CET to reconfigure the storage pools on the physical hosts. We expect the process to take no more than 15 minutes, and will update this blog post as we proceed. Updates: 12:04 CET: We’re taking down the servers 12:09 CET: The servers are down, […]


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