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The Git User’s Survey

The Git User’s Survey 2009 is up!. Please take a short while to answer the questions so that the Git community can better understand how you use Git, and improve it even more. And of course, don’t forget to mention your favorite Git collaboration site there!

New merge request functionality!

Time for another update! This time we’ve done some big improvements to the merge requests, resulting in a much better workflow if your project deals with a lot of merge reuqests. But first up, some notes on the Markdown rendering in wiki pages, for far too long our markdown rendering have been less than […]

See you at GCDS

Tomorrow Marius and myself myself travel to Gran Canaria for the Desktop Summit. If you’re there and want to talk Git or Gitorious then do say hi! I’m the tall skinny guy with sideburns, with a bag full of Gitorious t-shirts I’d be happy to get rid of…

Welcome Qt!

A few days ago we announced some rather big changes changes to Gitorious and today we have the pleasure to announce who funded all this work. A few months ago I was invited to the Qt offices, and showed me their own internal installation of Gitorious. As it turned out, the wanted to use Gitorious […]

We’ve made a few changes!

Gitorious has undergone quite a few changes recently. Apart from the implementation work we’ve done (more on that later), the biggest change is that Gitorious is now an official Shortcut project. Since 2007, Gitorious has been maintained by yours truly, Johan Sørensen, mostly in my spare time. Gitorious now is a project maintained by Shortcut […]


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