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Sexy-looking repositories

We have some exciting news to share with you. Two weeks ago we started a project we’ve wanted to do for some time: Upgrading the Gitorious UI. The goal is to simplify interaction, tone down some less useful features, improve code-browsing, and lose some technical debt on the front-end side of our code base. In […]

Private repositories generally available

With this post I am happy to announce the general availability of Gitorious with private repositories. This feature is one of our most requested ever, and we’re happy to launch it in response to community funding. You guys kick ass! I’ve written about private repositories before. We have been running the new code base live […]

Private repositories

After December’s request for donations, I’m happy to announce that the first version of Gitorious private repositories is now available for testing. What is it? With the new private repositories feature, you can allow users of your Gitorious installation to control who gets access to their projects and repositories. Create private projects where you invite […]

Private repositories

For a long time, people have asked that Gitorious support a fine-grained permissions system where repositories can be made private and access granted only to select users/groups. We have decided to develop this feature for Gitorious, and we need your help. Some of you may know of the infamous merge request #115. This partially solves […]

Improved SSL support + IPv6

As of today, has vastly improved SSL support. You are now free to surf through https only, should you wish to do so. Previously, our SSL support has been restricted to a few select actions, and there has been redirects from https to http. With today’s deployment, will never redirect you away […]

Gitorious moves Gem management to Bundler

In two weeks, on March 4th, we will merge a branch into Gitorious master that requires your attention if you’re running Gitorious locally and intend to keep it up to date. This is also a notice to all of you who have installation guides out there (thanks a lot!) to update them once the change […]

Gitorious receives DMCA takedown notice from Sony

This morning Gitorious received a DMCA takedown notice from Sony. The notice addressed quite a few repositories on that are hosting various PS3 related code. Norwegian law commands us to respond to such notices by removing potentially copyright infringing content until it’s legality can be fully clarified. For that reason, some of you have […] will “go away”

For some time, our web server has been configured to present to you even if you access through (no redirect, it “just works”). As Gitorious is now a company with its own employees, we will be re-purposing In one week from now, on February 7th, will be home to our commercial […]

Versioning Gitorious

As a service to users with Gitorious installed on their own server(s), we’ll be giving Gitorious a version number. We’re aiming at cutting releases on a semi-regular schedule (like once a month). Hopefully, this will make it easier to know if and how to upgrade your instance. We will provide a changelog that summarizes new […]


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